Survey Standard

So many Survey Systems, without the ability to work together. Survey Standard is a state of the art Open and RESTfull protocol that allows survey systems to interact with clients.
On this website you will find all the resources (SDK, Samples) you need to implement this standard right away.

Why do we need a standard?
Imagine that we have a shared protocol which survey systems can use to communicate with clients. We hope such a standard will drive innovation and stimulate developers to come up with new ideas and applications for different platforms.
Check out the benifits below.

(mobile) Device developers

  • Reach a larger audience
  • See a list of already developed applications

Vendors of survey software

  • Access to many more survey clients
  • See the survey vendors that already support this standard

Users of survey software

  • Ask your vendor if your copy supports Survey Standard
  • Find clients to use on your software!

Usage scenarios
Possible usage scenarios include survey clients such as an iPad client that can be used to conduct surveys. Another example could be an application that creates the surveys and outputs them in Survey Standard compliant format.
There are of course many more possible scenarios. We encourage developers to use their own creativity to create awesome applications based on the Survey Standard.

Check out the Supported by section for some real examples. You can find a list of applications and companies that are already using this standard.